At C Squared Fitness you don’t just build muscle and endurance, you build friendships too!
Great coaches who walk you through everything so you achieve your ultimate goal at c squared.
Nicole O.
Since joining the gym I have met the most amazing people and have forged the best friendships. Working out is fun when you know your friends are going to be there and you are going to workout together, nothing is more motivating! I love this place ❤️
Amanda S
Overall I am stronger, leaner and have more endurance. The workouts make me feel accomplished and make me strive to do more, be faster, and lift heavier weights. I also started running on my own and have entered several races. My farthest race to date was 10 miles.
Ruth G.
I am stronger mentally and physically. I get to go to the gym and workout with amazing members and coaches that push me to be the best that I can be, and while doing this I have seen great physical gains in myself.
Branden K.
I started Crossfit 3months ago, and can already tell a tremendous improvement. I lost over 40 lbs before starting Crossfit, and needed something to improve my overall health. I love the workout environment at C2, and the people. Everyone is so encouraging!
Anna S
The coaches really care about technique and helps me work around old injuries. I really appreciate that about them.
Dan E.
I’ve never been a skinny person but I can say that ever since I joined this gym a year ago, my body has transformed. On top of that, I have more energy and less joint pain than I had prior to joining.
Jeremy M
So far at Csquared, I have met some of the nicest people. I have gained so many new friendships, and also, changed my life physically for the better.
Spencer W

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